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late 2020

Hidden Leaders is a 30-minutes strategic deduction card game for 2-6 players.

We are three friends creating this unique game "Hidden Leaders" in cooperation with the Japanese artist Satoshi Matsuura.

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A Light & Strategic Game

Hidden Leaders is a 30-minutes tableau building card game with deduction elements. 2 to 6 players influence the power bar in the conflict between the Imperial Army (Red) and the Hill Tribes (Green).

Each player has two of four winning conditions on their secret leader card: red victory, green victory, tie or total destruction. The players influence the outcome of the game by playing hero cards from their hand into their tableau.

At the end of the game the player with the correct winning condition on their Hidden Leader card wins. If this applies to several players only the one with the most heroes of the winning colour wins the game.

> 30 minutes; 2-6 players

> 60 unique Characters, 6 Leaders, 1 Board

> Bluffing, Tableau Building & „Take That“ 

Win to claim the Throne 

After the death of the Emperor, the island of Oshra is at the brink of civil war. The Hill Tribes rise against the oppressive rule of the Imperial Army, while the mysterious Water People try to maintain the fragile peace between them. In the shadow of this political conflict the Undead rise to new power and threaten to overthrow the rule of the living.

In this turmoil all hope rests with the six children of the Emperor. They must consider their choice wisely: Which of the four factions will they support to follow on the throne of Oshra?

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Three Friends Building a Game

Since we are old enough to roll dice or draw cards we have been playing board games. We are three friends with many common hobbies: We love table top role play, LARP and, of course, creating board games.


We have built many game prototypes over the years. Of "Hidden Leaders" we never grew tired, so we want to share it with the world and will bring in to Kickstarter in late 2020!