A light & strategic game

Draw one secret leader

Each leader allows their player to win with 2 of 4 factions. Leaders remain hidden to other players.

Play hero cards

Hero cards are played into your tableau to influence the power track. They impact other players and support your secret faction.

Determine the winner

The game ends when 7 open heroes are in one tableau. The red & green marker on the power track define the outcome of the war. Leaders supporting the winning faction can claim the victory.

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An epic struggle for succession

The Emperor is dead!

After the death of the Emperor four factions compete for dominance on the island of Oshra.

A conflict over power

Rivalries between the Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army are escalating. Only the peaceful Water People desperately try to maintain balance. Yet the Undead want to throw the land into chaos.

Six leaders

The six children of the Emperor want to follow on the throne of Oshra. Each of them can support two of four factions to win the crown.

Game Mechanics 


  • Great tension, no waiting time

  • Every game feels different

  • Exciting with 2 and 6 players

  • Characters that make you smile

  • Quick to learn, hard to master

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Three Friends Building a Game

Since we were old enough to roll dice, we have been playing board games. We are three friends with many common hobbies: Table top role play, LARP and, of course, creating board games.

We have built many game prototypes over the years. Of "Hidden Leaders" we never grew tired, so we want to share it with You and will bring it to Kickstarter in late 2020!

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