Decide between the 2 goals of your secret leader

Each leader can win with 2 of the 4 factions. Leaders remain hidden to other players.

Play heroes to influence

the power track

Build a tableau to support your secret factions.

Use special abilities to outsmart your friends


Weaken opponents directly       

Play cards in stealth mode

Swap cards around

Support the winning faction to claim the victory

The final position of the red & green marker will lead to 1 of 4 possible outcomes.

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Download the Print & Play.

Play online now.

With simplified, printer-friendly artwork!


Play in your browser or via Steam:

The Emperor is dead

During his long reign, Emperor Keralon had united the island of Oshra and defeated the horrid Undead. With his sudden death, old conflicts are escalating.

A land in turmoil

The Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army are at the brink of civil war. Only the peaceful Water People desperately try to maintain balance. In the shadow of this conflict the Undead arise to throw the land into chaos.

New leaders arise

All eyes are turned at the six children of the Emperor. They want to follow on the throne of Oshra. Each of them has sympathies for two of the four factions. Who will support the right faction and become the new Emperor?.


  • Great tension, fast game play

  • Every game feels different

  • Characters that make you smile

  • Low complexity, high depth

Game Mechanics 

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