A Short Gamplay Runthrough....

Every player draws 1 of 6 leaders to get started.

Leaders remain hidden to other players.

Each leader allows their player to win with 2 of 4 factions. 

Each turn consists of 3 steps: 

  1. Play 1 of 3 heroes from your hand in front of you to:

    • manipulate the red and green marker on the power track;

    • kill, flip or swap heroes;

    • play heroes in stealth mode and much more.

  2. Discard 1 hero from you hand.

  3. Fill up your hand until your have 3 cards either by drawing from the deck and/or from the 3 open heroes in the center of the table.

The game immediately ends when one player has 7 face-up heroes.

This number varies depending on the player count.

Check the position of the red and green marker on the power track

to determine the winning faction in the following order:

  • The Undead (black) win if both markers end the game in "war area" of the power track;

  • The Water People (blue) win if both markers end up on spots next to each other or the same spot;

  • The Hill Tribes (green) or Imperial Army (red) win if their associated marker is minimum two steps in front of the other.

All players reveal their hidden leader to determine the winner.

If two or more leaders support the same faction, the player with more heroes of the winning color wins. This is where heroes you played in stealth can give you a surprising advantage.


2 - 6


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Some thoughts on strategy and deduction.

A crucial element in Hidden Leader is to find out who your opponents are and try to deceive them yourself. If you support one faction too openly it can be harder for you to win. Stay hidden! 


Although if you stay undecided for too long you will not have enough heroes to claim the victory.


Face-down (hidden) heroes can help you play heroes of your colour without other players being able to see them.


  • 6x unique leader cards

  • 73x unique character cards

  • 4x different faction summary cards

  • 3x turn summary cards

  • 1x board

  • 2x wooden meeples

Our promise

  • Every game feels different

  • Character art & names that make you smile

  • Great tension, no down time

  • Easy to learn, very hard to master.

  • Exciting at every player count

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