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Yield is the upcoming prequel to Hidden Leaders.


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Conquer the realm
of Oshra

Move your armies across a strategic map with three types of territories to conquer fortresses and battle your friends.

Map with standees_edited.png
3 Strategy Cards.png

Use your action cards to move your armies


Conquer fortresses

Ambush your rivals

Recruit new troops

Play battlecards that fit the corresponding territory or yield to save your troops for more important battles

Use your strength wisely

4 Battle Cards.png

Expand your territory

Conquer the most valuable fortresses to emerge victorious in the end

The Emperor is mad

For many years he has fought to protect the island of Oshra from the Undead hordes. Now, his own daughter is spearheading a revolt against his harsh rule.


Old dynasties arise

The five most powerful families of Oshra are trying to make a profit from this civil conflict. Who will expand their reign and who will be forgotten by history?

A prequel to Hidden Leaders

Set 50 years before the events of Hidden Leaders, the game expands the lore of the 1st game. Experience Lemron's revolt against her father and meet many of your favorite characters again. 


Game Mechanics


BFF Games

We are three friends with many common hobbies: Table top role play, LARP and, of course, creating board games. With Hidden Leaders we funded our first board game via Kickstarter and are dedicated to bring more great games to the table.

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